Submitting a paper

Instructions for the submission of an abstract

1. To submit an abstract, fill in first the Submission form and save it on your computer.

2. Then, click on the link:

3. Sign in to the EasyChair online submission system:
• If you do not already have an EasyChair account, simply click on « sign up for an account » and follow the instructions.

EasyChair Login Page for TCPM2013
• If you already have an EasyChair account, type in your User name and Password, then you can Sign in.

4. You will reach a page similar to this (except that your name will feature instead of Capitaine Haddock’s):

Then click on New Submission.

5. Fill in the following fields:
• Address for correspondence: so that we can send you mail if necessary.

• Authors : to indicate all the authors for an abstract.

> Note the link: click here to add yourself. It will automatically fill in some information already input during the creation of your EasyChair account.

> Make sure that at least one author is marked as Corresponding author, since only authors marked as such will receive information regarding the status of the abstract.

• Title, Abstract and Other information: write in the title and the abstract of your communication (even if you have already included them in the submission form).

• Keywords: they are optional and can complement topics indications (see following item).

• Topics: please check the topics that seem most relevant to your abstract. These topics will help direct your work to appropriate reviewers. It you check the autre / other box, please include the « missing » topic in the Keywords section.

• Upload paper:

> Simply click on the Paper field and browse to find your completed version of the submission form.

6. Click on Submit … et voilà !

Feel free to send an email to if you still have unanswered questions after reading these instructions.